Sunday, 10 February 2008

Who is Blogging on Dynamics NAV? (in English)

I thought doing a roundup of blogs on Dynamics would be a nice easy way to make a post. I can’t believe how many there are. You can get a larger list of blogs on any subject through Technorati or doing a blog search in Google.

I have ignored any blogs that are in funny languages (i.e. not English) and any that seem to have only just started, given up after one post or not posted for a long time. The order of the blogs is the order in which they appeared in Technorati at the time of writing and then some others that I know of that didn’t appear. I am being very subjective and different people want different things from Blogs. Personally I want some form of entertainment around the subject matter that doesn’t make me think too much. If I learn something from reading the post – this is a bonus. If I missed your blog, I’m sorry. Drop a comment on the end of this post with the URL and I’ll add it (unless I don’t like it – in which case I’ll pretend I never got your comment.)

I think this is a team effort but I can’t find details about the writers in English. The blog has fairly regular posts on Dynamics NAV. Technical stuff and news. I don’t read this blog too often but I do have it on my RSS Feeds. The content I have read seems good, solid, but not really that entertaining.

Kine’s info
I think this is the first Dynamics NAV blog I read. Not a regular poster but almost guaranteed to teach you something. This is on my RSS list.

Waldo’s Blog
Ahh Waldo, what would we do without you? Eric Wauters is a frequent blogger and often has the most read posts on the forum. I really appreciate the time Waldo puts into his blog. Some of the content is a roundup of information that is available elsewhere, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If it’s about NAV and worth knowing, you can be almost certain to read about it on Waldo’s blog. Some postings are very technical but I often learn stuff.

Microsoft Dynamics Sustained Engineering Team
Microsoft Dynamics Sustained Engineering Team. Regular posts direct from the guys that know. You should definitely add this to your regular feeds. Often technical in nature (as you would expect) it is good to hear from the Dynamics Team.

Gaspode’s Brain Dump
The blog from the dog. I try to post the maximum amount of entertainment for the minimum amount of effort. I try very hard not to “re-post” content. I tried having a blog on instead of blogspot as this gave me a very large number of hits but I felt a bit constrained. I didn’t feel I could really rant about Microsoft or post non-Dynamics stuff there. I like being able to review Google Analytics stats on my site – something I don’t think I could do on the other site, so I put up with the low readership and lack of comments.

Bart van Beek (Dynamics NAV Dev)
I’d not come across this before writing the article but the site looks nice and contains details of a whole bunch of NAV add-ons you can download from MIBUSO.
This is another one I had not heard of before researching this post. I like this one because Ian has posted a link to my blog in his top 10 of NAV blogs. This is a great blog. Lots of content that are just the right length. I am definitely going to take some time and read through the old posts and add this one to my RSS.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog
Another blog from the Dynamics Team. You have to subscribe to this. Infrequent posts but it’s always good to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.

Mark Brummel
Not a regular poster but I like Mark’s blog. One of the first ones to make it onto my RSS list. Mark’s series of posts from TechEd 2007 were a real stand out. A great effort and real contribution to the community.

Confessions of a Dynamics NAV Consultant
I think Alex Chow gets the award for the best blog name. Not many posts but I love the posting on a question of morality. There needs to be more of this sort of thing. Blogging on NAV doesn’t have to be all about code and solving problems. Sometimes it’s good to just blow off some steam. The other posts look very useful and some handy tips in there that could save you some pain.

DynamicsUser.NET Admin’s Blog
Not many posts but Erik P. Ernst is the administrator of and an MVP. I have learnt interesting stuff and come across other good blogs through Erik’s posts.

Nuno Maia’s Dynamics Blog
Not many posts but a lot of good stuff. This guy knows his stuff. This one is on my RSS list.

Navigate Into Success
I like this guys blog. Funny. Informative and he clearly knows what he is talking about. Plus he’s added comments on my blog and linked to it on his blog roll. What a guy! Definitely worth a look.

Thanks for the comments! Here are some of the ones I missed:

Belgian Dynamics Community
This seems to be largely syndication of other blogs with more than a few appearances of posts from Waldo. But there were some original posts on there and I particularly liked the post from Fontini on certification. Not all posts are in English (funny that being Belgian!)

David Singleton is well known within the Dynamics NAV community for his extensive work and posting on the DynamicsUser forum and for his The Dynamics Book project that is now a wiki site. The posts go way back to 2006 but they average at just over one a month. Maybe the comment is enough: The Blog of David Singleton (Need I say more?)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV UK Blog
I guess it's hard for an official blog like this to post anything interesting. It is typical to get lots of posts about news that is available on PartnerSource and links to official downloads. Not my cup of tea.

This was one of the first blogs that regularly appeared on my Google Alerts. I must admit I didn't like it that much because of the "obvious" nature (to me) of some of the posts. Having said that I took a look for the first time in a long while after it was added to the comments and I really liked what I saw. I think I will be re-subscribing to this one.

Here are some others that I had on my RSS feeds that I didn't mention earlier:

Navision Freak's Blog
No posts for a while but there is some good stuff on here. All the cross-over NAV and SQL topics are particularly interesting to me.

Navision Tips & Tricks
Again no recent posts but I really like what is there. Worth a browse.

Stefano Demiliano
Regular posts of the highest technical quality from a guy who really knows. I can't beleive I missed this one from my first post. There are a fantastic variety of topics on technologies that are going to become more and more important for Dynamics consultants. Definitely subscribe to this one!

Tips dBits - Tricks Navision / Dynamics NAV
Good solid content but nothing new since October last year. Some good tips in the old posts are worth a read.


Anonymous said...

New site, it is meant for the Belgian community but the blogs are mostly in English and can be used worldwide.

Anonymous said...

The blog of David Singleton. (Need I to say more?)

Anonymous said...

UK blog. But can be interesting also for outside UK.

Anonymous said...

The adventures of someone who is learning Navision. Why learn from your mistakes if someone else already made them!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks for the link and glad you liked my blog.

It's good to see the NAV blogging community starting to flourish.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words :-).


Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)

Anonymous said...

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