Sunday, 15 March 2009

’sup dog?

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been working on a new NAV 2009 implementation which has been keeping me very busy. I’ve battled with Kerberos delegation on a three-tiered architecture. I’ve got to grips with the form transformation tool and the transformation of MenuSuites. It’s been really good fun and I’ll share some of what I’ve learnt in some later posts. I definitely want to make a post on the Kerberos stuff because I really battled with it – but for now, you can be assured that the Installation guide on MSDN is right and although it seems a bit weird what you need to go through, it does work.

The Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 book seems to be doing well and I’ve finished reading it – am I the first person to read this? There are no reviews out there yet and I can’t really review my own book can I? It’s really quite good and I’m very pleased with the end result. I’m now working on getting a decent site up and running so we can put up the downloads and links and maybe get a bit of discussion going around the topics we touched on in the book. We’ve put something up there that looks pretty and re-directs to other sites, but I want to make a mini-forum based on Community Server.

This weekend I’ve installed two pieces of software from two companies that are often portrayed as arch-enemies: Microsoft and Apple. On the Microsoft front I installed the new Windows Live tools including Windows Live Writer that I think has to be the best blogging tool I have ever come across. I’m very impressed where things are going with Microsoft and the quality of their software really blows my socks off. Windows 7 looks good, IE8 looks good. The Live services are getting to be pretty awesome.

And then on to Apple. Grrrr! I didn’t want to upgrade my iTunes, but it seemed to install some kind of Genius thing that seemed to corrupt my library and made the app hang. So I figured I’ll load the latest upgrade. An 81MB download and reboot later and the application runs at least, but where are my podcasts? All of my podcast subscriptions are gone. Apple make really nice hardware but I don’t know why people rave about their software. It does nothing for me.