Sunday, 29 July 2007

Do Cats Burp?

The other day my daughter was pretending to be a cat. She climbed on my knee, leant close to my ear and said "burp." Now I have no idea why her game involved a burping cat, but she seemed to find it very funny. Her game made me wonder: do cats burp?

I have owned two cats for over 13 years and I cannot remember hearing one of them burp. Dogs - now I know dogs burp. So the question has to be - are cats physically incapable of burping, or do they sneak off to do it in private?

OK - so now I go off and Google the question and it seems that there are a lot of cats that do. I guess our cats are just more polite. My favourite quote I found was on the Guardian Unlimited Notes and Queries page:

"Never mind dogs, does anyone else have a burping guinea pig? Mine's at it all the time but especially after munching on organic cucumber. Is he unique?"

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