Saturday, 27 October 2007

NoteBurner - Well-written Software that Just Works!

I realise it's unusual to actually purchase music, but I love my i-Pod and the fact that if I hear a song I like on TV I can usually purchase it within a few minutes (after a quick search on I wanted something to convert my i-Tunes purchased tracks to MP3 so I could listen to them on my mobile phone and other audio players. I came across NoteBurner and was impressed by the trial software (that works like the full version but limits the track duration to 3 minutes) so I bought it (I think it only cost 50 bucks or so.)

Now I have a Vista machine and I am used to most things not working and I did not expect NoteBurner to fair any better. Well here is the shocker. It installed and it works perfectly. Well done guys! What a great piece of software.

If you want to check this out for yourself, you can go to

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