Saturday, 17 November 2007

Microsoft Dynamics NAV "6.0" Video - You have got to see this!

I have just finished watching the video that I downloaded from the link on the NAV 6.0 Technical Preview page, if you don't have access to PartnerSource, you can download it from mibuso. Microsoft, I salute you! The video is stunning - never mind the whitepaper (which is just "interesting") this is amazing stuff.

Some highlights for me are:
  • The interactive date picker that animates zooming in and out between month and day views.
  • The Freeze columns feature for sales lines (Very Cool - geddit? Freeze Columns, Cool? - Never mind!)
  • Additional fields feature - yes I know we've seen this before but I had forgotten how neat it is.
  • The web service demo. Wow! This is so incredible. Microsoft have really got their act together on this. It seems to be everything we could want.
  • The SharePoint integration. Wow again! This is just astounding. I am running out of superlatives. Employee Portal is a good idea but a bit of a pig to implement. This is just amazing in its simplicity, beauty and elegance.
Just when you think it can't get any better, the piece de resistance is the jaw-dropping, pant-wettingly-stunning demo of using WPF to manipulate supply and demand. OK so this is future stuff but - what a future!

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