Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Partner Sauce

PartnerSource seems to be going through something of a revolution. If you use the Global English site, you have probably been using the new saucy version for a few days now. If, like me, you sign in to a localized version, you may be unaware of the changes that are coming.

So what is so good about the changes that warrant a blog post? I’ll tell you what, three little letters: R S S.

It is now possible to subscribe to an RSS feed for News, Sales & Marketing, Support & Deployment and Training & Certification, meaning you read the news in a Vista sidebar gadget, from within Outlook or on your mobile phone. But for me the ultimate feeds are the Most Recent KB Articles and Most Viewed KB Articles. Now you may think that getting excited about this is a sure sign that I need to get out more or at least get a hobby, but believe me this is going to make my life so much easier.

It seems that I am not the only one that has struggled to find out what is going on in the NAV world without a lot of digging around and checking PartnerSource every day, just in case there is something new. For more details on the changes to PartnerSource and a warm feeling of love from Microsoft, check out the link
Get Ready for Exciting, New Changes to PartnerSource

For some strange reason whenever I clicked on the RSS Feed links on the NAV product site, my Internet Explorer crashed – this was because of Skype and as soon as I uninstalled Skype on my machine it all worked fine. I will report this to the team to see if they can fix it up. The non-product site RSS feeds worked fine.

You can find the NAV-related product feeds on this page:


Ian said...

Yes, a much need overhaul I think, and something I was really happy to see too.

Especially in terms of RSS... took them a while, but I think MS are starting to catch on ;-)

They have no love for other browsers though, the site is unusable under Safari, even with Silverlight installed.

Still can't have everything I suppose... ..but it means I can't surf PartnerSource on my Mac :-(

Gaspode said...

Hi Ian, wow, it's good to see there's atleast one other sad git out there that gets excited over RSS feeds on NAV.