Monday, 1 June 2009

Help is on the way

I finally got chance to finish reading through the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Statement of Direction I blogged about last week in my post on the NAV 2009 service pack 1. There’s a lot of marketing waffle in there, as you would expect, but also quite a few interesting things to look forward to.

The online help in NAV is something I am quite passionate about, and have looked forward to the day when help can be easily modified. This section from the statement of direction caught my eye:

“We will reduce the cost to implement custom Help by eliminating CHMs as the delivery format for Help. We will provide mechanisms for partners to extend Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help at a low cost, by integrating Help authoring into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV development process, and by using Microsoft Word, HTML, and Microsoft SharePoint. We will make it easy to extend Help with content on a partner Website.”

Now that sounds pretty exciting. Editing help in Word? Deploying via SharePoint? Cool!

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