Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Get Stuff Done – Go Home Early - Play with your Wii

I've been using ActionThis since the early beta stages and I love it! The ActionThis team are running a promotion whereby you can sign up for a 1-month free trial if you sign up with the promotional code. After that you can continue to use the website for free!

Click this link to go to the site http://www.actionthis.com/product/trial.aspx

Enter the Referral Code INT521

You can use ActionThis to help you and your team work together more effectively, using the power of the web combined with Microsoft Office.

Thousands of people worldwide use http://www.actionthis.com/ to manage the tasks small businesses, teams and their partners need to complete to succeed. Delegate tasks from Microsoft Outlook, connect with your team on the ActionThis task management website, track progress and take action with live reports delivered to your email inbox. ActionThis is free to try, and simple to use. Less time following up, more tasks completed, your business is more productive. ActionThis was designed and developed by Intergen in New Zealand and will help you and your team get things done.

How ActionThis helps you get stuff done:
Use Microsoft Outlook to create and assign tasks to yourself, your team, your partners,
Organize and access these tasks from anywhere using Microsoft Outlook or the http://www.actionthis.com/ website,
Keep track of progress, projects, and workload with reports emailed to your email inbox,
Keep on top of overdue tasks with live alerts designed to help you take action quickly,
Export and analyze your progress with Microsoft Excel,
Telephone and email support is free.

Try it for free. Sign up for a one month free trial at http://www.actionthis.com/product/trial.aspx and use this referral code: INT521.

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