Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Quick “Debugging” Tip

Sometimes I want to check something in a bit of code and I don't want to have to step through the debugger. Maybe I want to check the filters that are being applied to a table, maybe it's the value in a particular field. Here's a quick bit of code that you can use to check on a value and, if you're not happy with the value abort the process.

In my example, I wanted to check the table view that had been applied to a record variable. I want the program to stop at the point of my message (something the MESSAGE function doesn't do as NAV saves up messages for a convenient point in time.) I also want to be able to abort the execution in order to give me chance to fix something and try again (something you can't do when debugging with the debugger unless you kill the NAV application in a brutal way.)

Here's the code I put in:



Notice that I'm using the Silent Abort from Vjeko's blog. This will display a confirmation box with the details I am looking for. If I click No, the process aborts and rolls back, allowing me to change some values and run it again.

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