Thursday, 14 August 2008

Awesome Vista Sidebar Gadget

I've only just started to use Vista's Sidebar gadgets in anger. Sure I had the inevitable clock and the Weather forecast and even a calendar but the few times I had searched for something in the gallery I came up with a real "meh!"
Today a colleague pointed me to this App Launcher gadget and I think it's brilliant. I love the fact I can just drag shortcuts on to the gadget to add them to the launcher. I love the fact that folder shortcuts open in the flyout and that I can open my Internet Explorer favourites too. I'm guessing the fact I have a widescreen monitor and the Gadgets are always on top helps. If you're not using Vista, then poor you. If you are using Vista and you haven't seen this one, you should really give it a go. Click on the link at the top of this post to download.

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