Thursday, 14 August 2008

Where Am I? Now I know!

I wrote some posts a while ago when Waldo's post on his blog inspired me to write a little tool similar to the one he was blogging about. I added some features and wanted it to look nice but I came up short in trying to get the FORM to stay open. I could find no way of stopping the user from clicking on the form and pressing ESC.

Today a person with a screen name of Viktoras on the Dynamics User site left a comment on Waldo's blog post explaining how to solve this problem and he was also kind enough to follow the link to my blog and leave a comment for me. So finally I was able to finish my little utility and I just need to tidy up a couple of things and then I can make it available for download. I realise that putting source code on a blog for people to copy and paste is a bit of a poor way to distribute code and so I will be putting the finished code on to a forum - I will write about it here of course!

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