Saturday, 4 October 2008

New MVP Award

Last week I found out that I have been awarded an MVP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This is a great honour and I am looking forward to the coming year with great enthusiasm. If you are at all interested in Dynamics NAV, you can't help but know that the new and exciting Dynamics NAV 2009 will be launched this year and with it there will be a heap of new challenges and possibilities. The great thing about Dynamics NAV is that there is always lots to learn. I will try to help others where I can by passing on what I discover.

I work with some amazing people and have had the pleasure of meeting many great programmers and analysts in my years of working with NAV. Big thanks to everyone that has supported me over the past few years. There are a number of cool things coming up from me and my good friend Vjeko Babic but I'll post more about that as the year progresses. Once again, thanks for supporting this blog.


Mark said...

Congrats David!


Kine said...

Congratulations!! Welcome into MVP family... ;-)


kriki said...


Paul Eames said...

Mr. Roys,

Well done! Writing a book too! Those short working hours in NZ must leave lots of free time :)

Catch you soon.

David said...

Well done Mr Roys! Just found you blog and what great news! Keep up the good work!


Dave (2) Russell