Wednesday, 24 December 2008

A New Home for Vjeko's Blog

Way back in February of this year, I made a post about a blog that appeared on my Google Alerts for Navision that really caught my eye.

Now Vjeko's blog has moved to a new home: It has a new sleek look, new features, but the same fantastic content that has kept many readers returning again and again.

If the number of comments a blog receives is a testament to it's success then Vjeko has done extremely well over this last year. His articles regularly receive many comments from readers and he always takes the time to answer the comments.

Vjeko often writes in-depth, well researched, and informative posts on Dynamics NAV and Sure Step. I am a little biased, since we have just finished co-writing a book; however, if you are not already a subscriber to his blog, go and check it out. Now that the book is finished, we will both have more time for blogging and forum posting.

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